Monday, December 14, 2009

Julie and Julia - Simply Wonderful

While having some of my mint green tea last night (My fav) I watched one of my new favorite movies for the first time, Julie and Julia. Such a wonderful movie. I knew this movie was about cooking and blogging. Two things I thoroughly enjoy. There is nothing like having a hard day at work or just one of those days and be able to come home and create a wonderful dinner. Something you can rely on:)

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams nailed this movie. I completely felt a connection with Julie. I had no idea she was an operator and deals with her fair share of angry/upset customers. ( I totally feel her on that one). It comes with the job. Her outlet: Cooking. I love coming home and preparing a wonderful dinner. She has a hard time actually completing anything she starts. Her husband nudges her to start a blog where she can type about anything. She gives herself a deadline of a year to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cuisine by Julia Childs. I think it ended up being close to 450 recipes in 365 days. I found the movie very entertaining. At one point she is in the kitchen floor in tears having a temper tantrum because something went wrong. I think we have all been there and if you haven't I'm pretty sure you will. That's what makes a good cook. Admitting you have made mistakes and you learn from them. Trying new things and not being afraid of them. The lobster and duck scenes are hilarious! For me; this was a feel good movie. One of the few movies I felt a strong connection with. I would love nothing more than to go to culinary school and become a chef. My modern day Julia Childs is....Drum roll please: Rachel Ray. I am trying to convince Chad to get Tivo so that I can record her show and watch it in the evening. In a nut shell; I loved this movie. My favorite quote from this movie is when Julia Childs finishes something in the kitchen, she taste it and then says, "Perfection, even if it isnt, never apologize, no excuses, no explanations."

I would like to have this hanging in my kitchen. Now to find someone with a creative vibe to help me make it :) Anyone out there?

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Raegan said...

I love this movie, and I watched it yesterday too!! Jen doesn't like it though (what a nerd). My mom wants that cookbook for Christmas.