Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the Greaser stays another week…

It would be easy for me to be speechless after last night since the show was all over the place but that’s not the case with me! :)

Chad had to work last night so I watched while working on thank you cards and text messages to Michelle and Anna.

I really enjoyed watching her interact with Reid’s family last night as well as Kiptyn’s.

Now onto the good stuff…

Kudos to Jake for coming back and finally “trying” to let Jillian know what a slime ball Wes is. Apparently, Jillian learns by illustrations. Maybe Jake should have drawn her a picture because she appears to be a little slow. You could tell by the look on his dumbfounded face that he was caught. Then for Wes to attack Jake’s character really got me upset. I cannot wait till they have the show where everyone is there and they play Jillian all of the scenes where Wes is talking about his music career and how that’s what he’s there for. She was warned on numerous occasions so now it’s her fault if she gets hurt. Their band really isn’t very good….

I have to admit I was laughing hysterically when they were at dinner with Wes’ family and they brought up what happened. I have never heard a family feed an ego like they did. Basically, “Wes, Boys have always been jealous of you because you are so hot and you have so much going for you. You are amazing and did we mention that you are soooo hot!” Exaggerated slightly…but not really…haha! Now we see why he is full of himself. I wish that boy would get a new shirt. It looks like he’s wearing the same shirt on every date!!

Then there is good ol’ Ed who decided to come back….
I have to admit I liked Ed but he left the show. That was a ridiculous curveball last night and definitely not fair to the other guys. The look on Michael and Jesse’s faces when he walked in made me want to give them a hug.

Chad got home last night about 9:30 and he just cracks up at this show and finds it funny that I cannot stand Wes. He walks around the house chanting; WES! WES! WES! WES! This infuriates me even more…haha! When Wes’ name came out of her mouth during the rose ceremony I screamed! Yes, I admit it…I screamed!! Chad came running in the room in excitement dancing around saying; WES! WES! WES! WES! I threw something at him :)

How funny for next week though when Wes and Jillian are at dinner and he’s fumbling his words and talks about his girlfriend!! In yo face Jillian!! Jake tried to tell you about the greaser and you were dumb.

Stay tuned next week because “The Greaser” is going down!!

Kipyton will win Jillian's heart<3


Anonymous said...

Yes, Laura, it was fun texting you too! You are completely right about everything. I cannot wait for "After the Final Rose, the Bachelors Tell All." That will be GOOD one!!!!!!


Anna said...

I'm pretty sure everyone that was watching the show screamed when she said Wes's name because I know my roommate and I did! I was pissed. I hope the show is telling her to keep picking him for the ratings, but I honestly think she is that stupid. I was extremely upset last night because my number 2 and 3 were sent home! :( At least Kiptyn is still in the running! I would like to hope that they will end up together, but I'm starting to think he may be better off without her!! She's just an idiot now. Guess we'll see what happens...