Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My JennySue

My JennySue turned 21 on Monday of this week. All I can come up with is WOW! Where does time go? I can literally remember when she was younger and she had the curliest hair. We would play school non-stop, we would play house, and we would stay outside for what seemed like 24 hours. Then as we got older it was more about talking about boys, clothes, and make-up. There were plenty of fights and arguments along the way but I have to admit there’s no one else in this entire world that I would rather argue with. The past few months have been weird for not being able to see my sister on a regular basis. I’ve been so used to seeing her everyday. After being at the house for 24 years it has been a hard adjustment for me. I’m close to my family and talking to them on the phone just isn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong I love coming home to my Chadsta every night but that doesn’t come without adjustments. I have watched my sister grow into an amazing woman. So weird to say that because we are not the two girls anymore we are women. Our relationship has had some rough patches but I think our relationship will only get better from here. She’s my best friend and sister. She is harshly honest with me and loving at the same time. She is outspoken and quiet at the same time. Watching her learn how to cook has been very entertaining for me. She is who I confide in when things seem really bad. She is my reality check when I am a drama queen. All of these things make my sister into the beautiful woman I adore. I would do anything for my sister and hurt anyone who hurts her. It’s a Big Sister’s Right too! She will always be my little sister who I look out for; nothing will ever change that. I will get to spend the majority of my weekend with her and for that I am so thankful because I have missed her more than she knows!! See you Friday sis!!

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