Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I purchased this EuroClean mop a couple of weeks ago and used it
for the first time last night...
My Grade-A
All I had to do was mist it with water and start mopping. It got in the cracks in the floor and got everything up. The cloth comes up on the side and definintly got in the hard to reach places.
Yes, I sound like an infomerical (haha) but this thing really was impressive!
You can wash the cloth in the washing machine and its good for 3 years/300 washes.
They have a window cloth as well and all you have to do it mist water on it too and it doesn't streak or anything. My understanding is that the microfibers pull dirt and whatnot off of the surfaces...
So far...I am very pleased.
I haven't used the dusting one yet but I plan to soon:)
Have a great day!!

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