Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tanner Toes had me cracking up last night:)

There were many times in last night’s episode that I was laughing hysterically. I hope you were too!
First Scenario: David
Why do you think a woman would be flattered by you talking about her buttocks on National television and think it’s okay? What is wrong with you? To think after all that you would actually get a kiss? She straight up rejected him (giggle) and I guarantee to you she was back pedaling when your head went all exorcist style because you got rejected. I can only imagine what was going through her mind. He still didn’t understand why he went home…Maybe it was the crazy look on your face that was constantly there or the fact that you are flat out NUTS! His Ego was hit hard last night and I found that amusing ;)
Second Scenario: Tanner Toes
Did he not look like he was sweating bullets throughout that entire rose ceremony? I almost got the feeling that he lied to her and didn’t expect her to take it as far as she did. He looked so nervous and I was already laughing at that but then…..
When he snapped at Juan like he did I lost it!! I was laughing uncontrollably!!
It was so incredibly random…Juan glancing his direction and him snapping at him, “Juan, quit looking at me!” To which Juan responds, “I’m looking at everybody dude, Chill out.”
Not once but twice he snapped and I was cracking up both times.
I really thought Tanner Toes was going home last night but nope to my surprise she kept him and Good ole’ Wes. I don’t get it but I’m putting my bet on Wes going home next week.
I’m really thinking about having a Season Finale party but I don’t know who would come besides Anna;) Love you girl!
I’m just glad she finally got rid of David…Another one bites the Dust…
Was anyone else laughing last night???


The Bedford Family said...

Tanner Toes was hilarious last night! Best episode so far this season! David is too dumb to realize how dumb he is (did that sentence just make me sound dumb?)! I'm so glad he's gone! I live for Monday nights!

Anna said...

Oh I would so totally be there! Haha.

Samantha Marie said...

Tanner and Wes BOTH need to go! That foot fetish of his has me freaked out!!

Laura said...

I'll I can say is I cannot wait til next week!! Whoo-hoo! I really want to have a finale party:)