Monday, March 1, 2010

My "Big" 25!

I celebrated the big "25" last weekend. I told a friend at work this and he kindly responded with, "Before you know it you will be 50." I think the horrified look on my face said what I was thinking, no words needed. I'd rather not think about that at this moment. That's a long way off. My celebration began at work when I came around the corner and had one of the best singers in the world singing Happy Birthday to me. Waiting for me was an amazing present that I loved along with a Cookie cake (my weakness) and a balloon. You know who you are and it was perfectly in tune to me:) I received some beautful Lillies at work from Brandy & Chris. I love them and thank you!! After work, we met our friends at La Hacienda in Peachtree City. It was so good to have everyone together! it has been way too long. I received wonderful presents that I cannot wait to use and wear and a Publix Birthday Cake from My wonderful husband. What color was the cake? What other colors are there besides Red and Black? I was serenaded in Spanish and tried to sing along but it was different from the one they sing at La Parilla. When that failed - I danced. You will soon realize I have no shame and I love to dance. Remember that if you invite me to your wedding...

On Saturday we made our way to the Georgia Dome for Supercross. For those of you who don't know, Chad used to race all the time but decided to quit when he seperated his shoulder while racing. It's still in his blood. Now he races on his XBOX 360 with our friend Matt in California. I teased him while we were there telling him I see the tears coming down your cheek. I know he misses it but it is not safe. We spent the day with Clay and his sweet girlfriend Courtney. It was a good time but it would have been better if the hottest racer in the world had been there...Chad Reed. Too bad for me he was injured :(

On Sunday, my family came down and attended SonRise with us. Which meant so much to us. I wanted my family to see where we have been going and where we are filling the tug to join. After a great church service we went to Olive Garden. My Uncle Robby and cousin Brian were able to join us. It was a nice suprise! We had a ball! It was so good to sit around and talk and laugh together. After a fantastic lunch we all went back to our house and had some of the most amazing cupcakes in the world and opened presents. I do believe that my sister gave me my new favorite purse. It is super cute. I received some new clothes for work and casual that I love! Kudos to mom and jenn:) I envy my sister Jenn because of her fashion sense. She buys the things that I look at but do not think I can pull off. She buys what she likes and she always looks so cute and I love that about her:) Sunday meant the world to me. I love being able to spend time with my family. There was one family member not there and that would be my doggie, Precious. I miss her like crazy!
It was a wonderful Birthday for me. I enjoyed time with my sweet hubby, family and friends. I cherish the time I get to spend with all of them!

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Anna said...

So glad you had a good birthday! Love that you picked that picture to post. :)