Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna:)

One of my best friend’s, Anna, celebrated her 24’th Birthday yesterday. She is such an awesome person. She's almost always in a dress and has the cutest clothes. I always envy her outfits (even the Biblical sandals). She is addicted to baseball so you know she will be in a stadium just about every weekend during baseball season. She has the greatest laugh and we always laugh together:) She has always been there for me and that is why she has been a lifelong best friend of mine. My evening will consist of celebrating her special day with her with some dinner and dancing!! I love getting to spend time with her and I don’t think she will ever realize how much her friendship means to me. I love you and I will see you tonight and dance the night away!!

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Anna said...

Ok so that almost made me cry! Haha. It did just make my day though!! I love you girl and can't wait to see you tonight!!!

P.S. When we were younger, I used to try and laugh like you cause I liked how you laughed. :)