Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time doesn't slow down...

What a wonderful weekend! Honey’s sisters were here (my great-aunts) along with their daughter, my mom’s cousin. It was so good to see them again. They live in Memphis Tennessee so I don’t see them often. I think the last time was when I was in the 9’th or 10’th grade. I know it meant the world to Honey. When they got out of the car and saw each other they cried. I went over to Honey’s after work and played cards with them. It was just like old times in TN. I love getting to spend time with my family.

Matt finally got here! We went to ride four-wheelers on Saturday in Durnam Town. So much fun! I was covered in mud (that’s when you know you are from the south) haha!! It ended up pouring down rain while we were still out on the trails. We rode back to the trucks. I had no clean clothes to put on. Chad was helping me get my shoes and socks off so at least the floor of his truck wouldn’t get dirty. After he got them off I had to get from his Dad’s truck to Chad’s. I’m going to remind you it was pouring down rain…Me being the genius that I am decided to empty some of the food out of the grocery bags and I put my foot in them and tied them. Then ran to the truck!!
**You might be a redneck if you use grocery bags for shoes**

That night we hung out at Jessica’s and stayed up way too late. I was Exhausted on Sunday!! Nonetheless, I got up and went to church where I saw my little ring bearers:) They asked how my trip went…they are so cute!!

Sunday night= COLDPLAY:) Hands-down The Best Concert I have ever been too! I’m not just saying that either. My friend, Samantha’s dad got her tickets because he knew she really wanted to go. We had no clue where the seats were…Samantha, Court, and I just continued to get closer and closer, we were all the way down front!! Amazing! They were really good seats and they put on an amazing show. The bass player was smokin hott! They gave out free CD’s at the exit…I have never heard of that before. I got home at 1:30 A.M. and got up at 6:45 to go to work. I was soooo tired but it was so worth it:)
I’ll post some pictures from the concert on here tomorrow!!

As of yesterday, Chad and I have been married for one month. I cannot believe how fast time is going by. I keep hoping that things are going to slow down but I don’t see any signs that it’s going to happen any time soon. Chad and I have decided to start doing our Sunday School lesson together. It’s easy to get off track and out of routine when you have a lot going on. We were talking and that’s what we decided would be best. We decided to go running in the afternoon when I get home from work through some of the neighborhoods! I am really looking forward to this time I will get to spend with him and God. Non-Stressful running and quiet time:)I am really looking forward to the three day weekend ahead. In my mind I just keep thinking there is so much to do. I decided to come in early today and work out. What a difference it made!! I’m going to be set up with a personal trainer tomorrow and I hope this is going to help alleviate some stress. It felt so good to get up early and get going. On Saturday, we are going to look for a kitchen table:) I Never thought I would get excited about that but alas I am!! On Sunday, hanging with my folks and sis:)
So exciting!! Then on Monday, off to the lake!! Jam packed weekend but I can’t wait!

Side note: On Monday night I was watching The Bachelorette (if you know me-you know that show is my guilty pleasure) and wouldn’t you know that I fell asleep! I have know idea who she eliminated…I’m hoping to have time this weekend to catch up!!

I know it’s a lot of random thoughts that probably don’t make sense but its what I wanted to blog about today!! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

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lbourque said...

YOu wear me out just reading about what you are doing!