Friday, May 8, 2009


First off I would just like to say that I absolutely love being married. Everything is perfect. I love going home to him every night. Having said that, we have had the most random situations come up as you have read from my previous blog. I now have two more situations to add.

Last Saturday Chad went to ride four-wheelers with his dad, brother, and Barry. He left that morning and I stayed home because there was so much to do. He leaves before me to go to work so I never worry about his car being behind me. Why would this morning be any different? This morning was different because he took his car. I need to remind you that I am not used to having a two car garage yet. He took his truck instead of his car. Needless to say I got in my car opened the garage door and begin laughing hysterically to The Bert Show and I begin backing up…there I am rolling and I reach up to close the door and….BAMMM!! I am into the back of Chad’s car! I immediately get out of my car to look at his. No dents, just scratches on the paint. I was devastated. He took the news better than I thought he would. In conclusion, Yes, I am a moron!

The next morning, Chad and I are getting ready to head to church. We are walking back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom trying to get ready. As I am walking out of the bathroom I hit my left hand on the bathroom door. Our of habit I immediately grab my hand and pull it up to look at my ring. Would you believe that my marquee diamond on the side popped out? I hit it pretty hard. Would you believe even further that as I put my right hand underneath it the diamond landed in my right hand? Praise Jesus I didn’t lose that diamond!! Now we just have to find time to drive to the Marietta Shane Co. since the one down here closed.

One thing after another. Many worse things could happen but I am thankful that Chad and I can laugh at little things. Please continue to pray for Chad and I as we are trying get our life going together. Thank you and I hope my bloopers can bring a smile to your day:)

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Anna said...

Ok so that sucks, but it made me laugh! :) Now, you know you're going to have to pass me on your way to Marietta...I better be getting a phone call so we can do lunch or dinner when y'all have to go up there!! Miss and love you guys!!