Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jennifer Grey has my vote :)

I have to admit that I usually do not vote on Dancing with the Stars but I was really intrigued to see Jennifer Grey dance and yes I cried last night.  I cannot really blame it on being pregnant. I absolutely loved Dirty Dancing and I have probably watched it atleast 1000 times already in my life span so far. I teared up when Derek Hough was choreographing the dance for them and it was a song from Dirty Dancing.  She was really excited at first and then she got very emotional. Watching Derek took her back and reminded her so much of Patrick. Yes, I sat in the bed next to Chad and cried. Watching her dance again was amazing :) I loved how one of the judges said somethings just get better with age and she truly is an amazing dancer :)

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Admin said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey 's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.