Thursday, August 13, 2009


The television show, Wipeout, brings a lot of laughter into our home. Chad and I watch this show when it is on because we find it hilarious. Granted, it is completely mindless television, we enjoy it thoroughly. I watch it for pure entertainment. However, last night Chad was the one that had me laughing harder than the show. I want to know if my husband is the only one that thinks he would dominate on this show.

This has been going on the last few weeks and it dawned on me last night, “He really thinks he would tear this show up.” As soon as the show starts and someone makes a mistake Chad is critiquing them and tells me how he would have done it differently. Throughout the entire show, he states that none of it is difficult.

I have to admit it may look easy sitting at the house but there is one obstacle that I have seen two people complete and that would be those, Infamous Big Red Balls. Honestly, I don’t know who could come up with something so cruel. If I did those I am most certain I would like the folks on the television show. But, not Chad. He thinks in his competitive mind that he would complete those and move on in about 30 seconds. I just laugh.

Last night was entertaining, they have this challenge called the dizzy dummy, I think. They spin you around while you are tied to this spinning contraption. Then it stops and you are to run and climb up another spinning thing and then climb across these balls that are floating on the water. It is absolutely ridiculous. Of course the poor folks were having a hard time. They do it 4 different times!! But of course Chad just doesn’t think that it looks that hard.

Then there is the obstacle course at the end. Chad dissects every challenge and tells me what he would do. Last night the catapulted into the water in kayaks. Then they climb up this water slide where a large amount of water is released at a random time and most of the time the folks go flying all the way back down. Not Chad, He would brace himself to the slide and wouldn’t go anywhere but up. The other parts of the course are difficult to describe but you get my point. Chad gets so upset when they give up or mess up. He’s like, “There is $50,000 dollars on the line!!” The winner last night finished I think a little over 4 minutes. Chad would finish in a minute and 30 seconds tops.

Why doesn’t Chad go on the show you ask? He’s looked into it. You have to be a resident of California to compete on the show. I wish he would so he can either prove or disprove all of those hilarious claims!! I personally think most of the folks on that show are very strange and are lacking something called common sense. Last night was an entertaining evening for me and I was curious as to how many others are experiencing the same thing???

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