Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rockin' the "Self-Propelled" Lawn Mower?

Sunday night I was so proud of myself!! I used my crock pot for the first time! Needless to say dinner was ready when I got home last night:) How wonderful! Walked in to the house and all I had to do was heat it up...Whoo-hoo!! I have many recipes to try out so when I find some really good ones I will share;)
Since we were through with dinner pretty early last night Chad asked me the question I had been dreading to hear since getting married. "Do you want to go cut the grass?" In my head, "Is that a rhetorical question? Is he serious?" I smiled and said, "Sure! Why not?" I get changed and put on loads of bug spray, hair in a cute little ponytail, I am good to go! Chad is going to do the backyard with the riding lawn mower while I do the front yard with the "self-propelled" mower. Anybody see anything wrong with that picture??? I started on the yard and about 5 minutes into it I am dripping sweat from every inch of my body. I have convinced myself that there is nothing self propelled about this lawn mower. Chad's grandfather gave it to us and I think the (Propeller?) is broke! If you have seen or been to our house you know that have some pretty steep hills on the sides of the house. I consider myself to be pretty strong and was out to prove myself last night. I start getting to the steep parts and I am literally trying to get a running start and barely make it up this hill. At one point I was completely stopped and digging my shoes into the ground. I thought after I did that last night I was pretty sure that I burned about 2500 calories:) haha...
All of this to say...I accomplished my goal of mowing our front yard!! Go me!! I will post a picture of the "mountains" in our yard so you will feel my pain. As soon as I finished I called my Mom and Dad to boast about my accomplishment!! Mom's response; "You cut the grass?" Granted I hate yard work and always did as a child the hard thing for me was pulling the cord to get it started. I recall hating yard work so much as a child this always comes to mind. My mom and dad used to bribe us to pick up pine cones by giving us a nickle for each one we picked up...
What's funny about that? Even that didn't work. Making the effort to pick up the pine cones and place them into the garbage bag or bucket was just to much for us girls. We would pick up the ones in the front yard and throw them over the fence into the back yard....then when we got to the back we would throw them back into the front yard. Accomplishing absolutely nothing! Jenn and I thought we were so clever and our parents had no clue...no really...Turns out they are much smarter than we thought as kids!!
Writing that story makes me smile :)

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Megan Turner said...

This made me laugh. Kudos to you for actually doing it! I doubt I will EVER offer to cut the grass!!