Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Finale!!

Some of you will be relieved to know that it is all over, The Bachelorette that is.
My friend, Anna, came over and we all watched it together. Anna and I made shirts on Saturday. She was all about some Kyptin and I was rooting for Reid. Technically, we both lost. We were both wrong!! She chose the Mankini! They looked really happy together so I can’t say a whole lot other than Kyptin or Reid should be the next Bachelors!! All of the radio stations this morning were saying all Reid wanted was to come back to make his move to be the next bachelor which I think is stupid. I think he really cared about Jillian and realized how much he cared about her. If you say that about Reid you have to say the same thing about Ed. Who left on his own and came back. If Ed didn’t wear that horrible bathing suit and sit like a woman he would be alright. I mean she’s the one who will have to deal with that the rest of her life.

Kyptin handled the situation beautifully. He is such a stand up guy…They all go through the long limo ride out where they talk to the camera, cry and vent about the whole thing. He said a few things but for the most part just took it all in. What an emotional 6 weeks!!
I think it would have been hilarious at the end when they were showing Jillian and Ed throughout the whole season falling in love, if they played Wes’ song during the clips!! LOL! Just for a little humor:)

Here are some pictures from our evening last night:

We made our shirts on Saturday...Don't be jealous!!

Chad was just having such a wonderful time!!

Yes, at the end of the night we were pretty sad...oh well!! Good times!

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