Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Fourth of July

To say the least was eventful!!

My father-in-law (Joey) had a great idea to spend an entire evening fishing out on Lake Sinclair on the pontoon boat. In theory: great idea! I was looking forward to it but I knew at some point I would get tired and want to sleep. We finally get to the lake Friday around 6:00 and get the boat in the water and we are on our way. So far; so good. We get about 4 miles away and decide on a spot to begin fishing. We pull over towards the grass near the bank of the lake. The water was probably about 4 ft deep where we were. The boys said it was a good spot so we went with it. We weren’t fishing with live bait yet at this point. We were fishing for bass. Tiffany and I were assured we would get to the marina around 10 for a bathroom break before it closed. We all start to get a little bored where we were so we decide to find a different spot. Wouldn’t you know the boat won’t crank!! At this point Joey is hanging off the back of the boat trying to get it to crank. He was dripping sweat. It wasn’t like we could get off the boat and go the restroom or anything. Anyone who has been to the lake knows that when you are near the grass and shallow water there are snakes and beavers and who knows what else!! We go ahead and fix dinner since we are parked. The boat had a grill so we made chili dogs that were pretty good if I do say so myself!!

The Trolley Motor saved the Day!!
The life saving trolley motor which we had at full speed of about 1/2 mph was going to get us back to the dock. We get turned around and get in with the current. At this point it’s 10:00 and we moving at 1/2 mph. We pulled the couches down to make beds and we begin to go to sleep. Clay and Barry stayed up fishing and driving the motor but decided at about 2:00 am that they were ready to get some sleep. Joey then swaps with them. Did I mention that it is freezing and all we brought were sheets because we thought it was going to be hot? Poor Joey…The only thing that kept him warm was the heat being put out by the motor in his lap. I swore we were just going to hear a loud splash and wake up to find Joey in the water!!

We arrived back at the dock at 4:30 in the morning at the point we layered up on our t-shirts and shorts trying to get warm. Anytime you moved from your “sleep spot” it got wet which made things that much better. We were up by 8:00 and heading to Aunt Sandra’s house for a fun day at the lake. First thing I did when I got to her house was take a nice warm SHOWER!

All in all it was a eventful and memorable 4’th of July for all of us. We got to see a lot of family and we had a lot of laughs and good times!

But I must give my condolences to something very special that didn’t make it through the weekend:

This is Barry's favorite fishing pole that is no longer with us. It cannot be replaced because it isn't made anymore. The pole made it all the way to the house but yellow dog got a hold of it. The reel survived but the the rest is gone. Barry is having a really hard time right now...Remember him in your thoughts :)

How was your Fourth?


Anna said...

Haha good ole Yellow Dog. I think I've got some scratches on my car from that dog! lol...jk...kinda. And yes, I can tell you from experience peeing, in the lake near the bank is not a good idea because there definitely are snakes!! happened to me on the 4th too, but at Jackson! however, you could have gone into the woods and popped a squat! ;)

Laura said...

I would have still had to go through the water and that was not happening!! Yellow Dog is out of control;) I have scratch marks on my car from her as well!! It's aggravating!!