Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My 100'th Post! I'll give you two fifties for one hundred

Instead of giving you a list of 100 things - I decided on two list of 50 that compliment each other. Some of you may find this post boring but this is how I decided to do my 100 post :)

50 Things about me that have changed within the past year:

1. I am now a happily married woman close to celebrating our 1 year anniversary.
2. I started working at Chick-fil-A Corporate as a Receptionist.
3. I was told when I was brought on @ Chick-fil-A it would not be for long - On April 28, it will be a year.
4. I recently accepted a position in the Marketing Department - but I don't have a start date yet. I am waiting until they find a replacement for me.
5. Chad and I have started searching for a new church home.
6. My relationship with my mom and sister has grown deeper. Let me explain; With me not living at home anymore - I cherish the time that I have with them even more.
7. I have started reading more - Two of my faves from the past year are My Sister's Keeper and Crazy Love.
8. We celebrated our first Christmas married in our home. If you know me, you know that I am nuts about anything and all things Christmas.
9. Having said that - This Christmas was different, in a good way though. I was able appreciate the meaning of Christmas on an entirely different level. I'm not sure why but I have a feeling it has something to do with this thing called "growing up."
10. My relationship with Christ is getting deeper each and every day. I feel his presence with me throughout the day. He's always been there but I see his hand more and more in the decisions I make.
11. Chad and I still laugh at each other everyday. I think this is amazing. He puts a smile on my face everyday even when I'm not in the best of moods.
12. I realize more and more that Chad makes me a better person. He challenges me in a good way to be better.
13. In the past year I have become very good at taking steps of Faith. I may not always no what the outcome is going to be but I know that His plan for Chad and I is way better than what I am able to do.
14. Chad and I have fun - I never thought I would be running around the house playing tag at the age of 25 but it is so much fun and I usually win ;).
15. I have met so many people in the past year alone that I know are going to help me grow and learn throughout the years to come.
16. I am thankful for my health. I have met and seen many people around me going through health issues and it makes me realize how blessed I am.
17. I am thankful for my parents. Not to boast about myself but I have been repeatedly complimented on my work ethic, attitude, and ability to make wise decisions. I look back and I know I wouldn't have that without my mom and dad. Thank you both for helping me develop into who I am today.
18. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am 25.
19. I appreciate our friends and family so much more. Whether it be my father-in-law coming to the house at 6:00 because I have locked my keys in the car for the thousandth time or a simple an e-mail from family/friends during the day that says, I love you.
20. I loooovvveee bargain shopping even more!! I'll share to of my recent bargains with you: I went to Tanger Outlet with my sister and girlfriends and headed to Banana Republic. Jenn had a 30% off coupon. Well, she found a dress on the clearance rack for me that was marked down to 39.99. When I got up to the register it was actually 19.99 so I ended up getting it for $12!! Yesterday, I found some Nine West red hills at Ross for $17. Yay for good deals!
21. I never imagined that I would like going to Home Depot or Lowes but now I do.
22. I now have to plan things in advance with family and girlfriends. Spur of the moment doesn't work much anymore when you are about 40 mins away from everyone.
23. Never thought I would jump on the iphone bandwaggon but I want one bad. Verizon please make this happen!
24. I listen to my sister when she gives me fashion advice. I didn't before but she makes me step out of my comfort zone and I like that :) Even if we do end up with some of the same shirts ;)
25. I like to keep things. No, I do not need an intervention on being a Horder. I keep sentimental things. Not to say that I throw away everything now but Chad will hold something up and say okay are you going to wear this again or Really, Babe? At which I decide to throw it away.
26. I used to hate mustard but now I love it.
27. I like to read books that help me grow as a person; Beth Moore, Andy Stanley, etc.
28. I am really looking forward to my sister's wedding. No, She is not engaged yet nor have they set a date but I cannot wait to watch her experience all of that.
29. I despise cleaning in the winter but I love it during the spring and summer. Weird, I know.
30. I want an SUV but I love the fact that my Saturn is paid for. I never thought I would want another car after my Saturn.
31. My road rage sadly has gotten worse since moving to Newnan. If you travel on that end of 85 you understand why. They have been doing construction for what seems like 25 years...Um, please finish already- thanks!
32. Never thought panty hose would creep back into my life but they have and yes, I hate them.
33. I love The Office more and more with each episode I watch.
34. I am a stronger woman than I was a year ago.
35. I am becoming a really good multi-tasker. A gift men lack. ha
36. I hate to write in cursive more each day.
37. I use my planner more and more. I used to be able to recall dates and things going on but those days are gone to a point. I just flat out feel better when I write them down. Lord help me if I ever lose my planner!!
38. I remember growing up teasing my mom about using coupons. "Nope. I don't have a coupon for that cereal." Jenn and I used to crack up laughing. Well, now I say bring on the coupons!! I can almost here myself telling my kids this one day ;)
39. There are times that I despise my cell phone. I used to love having my cell phone. Now, with my job having me on the phone all day - when I get home, no offense but I don't want to talk to anyone.
40. I feel more ready to be a mommy.
41. I don't really like Lifetime movies anymore - I used to watch that channel all the time but not so much anymore.
42. After working in the Corporate Setting for a year - I now understand the point of group projects.
43. I watch one news program a day so I know what it is going on. I used to watch it more. ts not from lack of interest but Geogria news is scary...
44. I buy my blue jeans for comfort now - not so they are tight.
45. I have discovered two things that I am better at than Chad - Drum Roll please.... Rumikub and Snow Skiing. I dominate at Rumikub and I was better at Skiing.
46. I read over my e-mails before sending them. I used to just type and go- type and go. However, I realize that I tend to leave words out and at times they don't really make sense.
47. Chad and I have already paid off one of my college loans!! Go us!
48. I now carry kleenex in my purse like my mom always told me to. I never did before and I wish I would have listened sooner :)
49. I am slowly getting over my fear of hanging things on the walls at the house. It just seems so permanent when I do it that I get scared.
50. I try not to get mad about silly or little things. Life is too short and I don't want to live my life like that :)

50 Things I plan to do/change within the next year or in the near future:

1. Chad and I would like to join a church soon. I would like to be able say we have a church home.
2. I would like for Chad and I to take some vacations atleast one to a place that we have never been before.
3. I would like to be successful in the position at work I will embarking on soon.
4. I'd like to get really good at cooking and trying new things.
5. Better at planning meals.
6. I want to go to New York and attend Rachel Ray's show.
7. I want to purchase a King Size bedroom set for our bedroom and move the Queen into another room for guests.
8. I would like to make the pine bed in our front yard not so large. I feel like it takes up all of the room.
9. I would like to have a pool table. I love playing and I think it would be fun to have at the house.
10. I'd like to purchase Dining Room furniture. My china is still in the boxes because I have no where to put it. I don't want to get it out and risk messing it up.
11. I'd really like some patio furniture but that is low on the priority list.
12. I's like to take up scrapbooking before we have kids. That would keep me busy and give me a craft to work on.
13. I would like to get some of our wedding pictures in larger forms and have them framed.
14. I want to go to Stone Mountain with some friends.
15. I'd like to go to Six Flags on a non-busy day. I haven't been in years.
16. I'd like to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas really bad!
17. I'm hoping to go to Harry Potter World down in Florida at Universal Studios. Laugh all you want...I like what I like and will not apologize.
18. I'd like for Chad and I to find a hobby that both of us enjoy to do together.
19. I would like to be successful at puting a Disney Photo Mosaic puzzle together.
20. I want to find a fabric that I like for the kitchen for some kitchen curtains to replace what I have now.
21. I'd like to learn a new curly style for my hair that looks good on me.
22. I hope that the economy will get back on it's feet.
23. I hope that after my sister graduates next year, she won't have a hard time finding a job.
24. I hope that Chad and I make some friends down in Newnan.
25. I hope that my sister will get engaged :)
26. I hope I am able to spend even more time with Honey (My grandmother) over the next year.
27. I would like to start a garden, however, the deer in Newnan will not cooperate.
28. I hope to make it out to Texas to visit Brian and Tina but most importantly TRISTAN :)
29. I hope to become very savvy with using coupons at the grocery store. I know there is a system and I plan on figuring it out.
30. I want to bust out a small wall in our master bathroom and get a bigger shower.
31. I would like to win a contest. I have never one a contest and would really like to.
32. I hope that my friendships with my girlfriends will continue to deepen and strengthen.
33. I hope that I continue to take steps of faith to stay on the path that God has for Chad and I.
34. I am going to try not to use LOL anymore. I think it is completely overused.
35. I would like to attend a UGA game in Athens.
36. I hope that Chad is able to stay with the company he is with once he turns out next April.
37. I'd like to meet some of our neighbors.
38. For the first time in my life I am planning to get a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. I have really high archs which doesn't allow me to run because I get cramps in my feet. I am going this weekend to a store in Atlanta that puts you on a machine and recommends shoes for you. Super pumped about that.
39. I would like to attend more Braves games.
40. Chad and I want to go to atleast one Falcons game this year.
41. I hope that UGA makes it to the SEC Championship game this year so that I can get tickets for working :)
42. In the next year, I would like to tone up. I want to get on a regular exercise routine.
43. This is a stretch but I would love to meet Rachel Ray :)
44. I hope to get better at printing pictures out.
45. I would like to have our friends and families over for a cookout this summer.
46. I would like to come up with my very own recipe.
47. I'd like to meet up with my dad when I can to have breakfast on Saturdays. He has no idea how much it meant to me when we went out for breakfast two days before I got married. I felt like his little girl all over again. I even got chocolate chip pancakes :)
48. I would like to get a stove that heats to the correct temperature to prove to the hubbs that I am a good baker!
49. I would like to play tennis more often.
50. I want to still be at the center of God's Will for Chad and I.

Some of these are far-fetched, expensive, not reasonable, not realistic and the list could go on and on. But hey, this is my list; you can make your own.


*claire* said...

i liked your 100th post :)
and i understand about the traffic! good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Start using the good china NOW! What occasion could be more special than breaking bread with the love of your life?

Carla said...

I enjoy your blog so much. :) I hope to get the chance to meet you one day. Maybe I'll make it to the family reunion this year.

And I agree, start using the good china now. Something can happen while they are in boxes to mess them up, and you'd never have the pleasure of eating off the good china.

Carla :)

Tina said...

I really like your list, but my fav is number 28.

The Wilburn's said...

Your blog isn't boring at all, infact, it's inspiring. I love how you listed things that you feel are accomplished and things you want to accomplish. We all should take time and come up with the same list. I might just steal this idea for my 100th blog.

Amber said...

Laura, I thought this was such a great way to celebrate your 100th post! I loved it! Congrats on the new position at Chick-fil-A! My aunt works there in the Accounting department (Sherri Jones). Congrats on one year of marriage!!!