Monday, February 9, 2009

C'mon Nadya...Get a Grip

The more and more I hear about this story the more aggravated I become.
Here's the deal:
This young lady named Nadya has been a patient of In Vitro not once but twice. The first pregnancy gave her six children and now with the second she will have eight more. I quit trying to grasp this and just realized this woman is just not right.
She is not married and has never been married. The sperm donor was a friend the first time. However, she used the same doctor for both pregnancies. They are considering pulling the Doctor's certification.
Believe me I fully understand a woman wanting to have children and become a mother.
However, in this situation I feel as though she is doing a disservice to her children.
There was a quote in the AJC from Sunday's paper and it referenced how much it cost to raise a child from birth to age 18 and it said average was around $118,000 to 165,000. A wide gap but you get the point. This mother is not working, she receives workers comp. She received about $165,000 in workers comp but that's what she used for the In Vitro. She lives at home with her parents and they have had to file bankruptcy and are living on welfare. The Grandmother has said that as soon as the other children are born she is going to move. She says,"My daughter has no business having that many children."
My feelings are is if she can have that many children then she can work. Her plan is to go to school however I find that unrealistic with this situation. HELLO!!! You have 14 children...Did you know that? You need to get a job but with 8 babies how do you plan on doing that?
She received workers comp from being injured in a jail while working as a counselor when a fight broke out.
Many are upset that sponsors are not coming forward to help her. Why would they? Her actions were irresponsible. She did this to herself. Why should Pampers or Gerber come forward other than for the children. I'm tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions and expecting the government to bail them out.
In closing, I truly understand women wanting to be mothers but having children means you have the necessities to support them. Children cost money no matter how you spin it. Maybe she should not have requested for all 6 embryos to be used and all 8 the second time. I find her actions to be extremely irresponsible. I'm interested to see if I am alone in my thinking...