Friday, September 19, 2008


Looking at the title of this blog you may be thinking "Thank God it's Friday," however for me it means, "Thank God it's Fall!" Fall is by far my favorite time of year as far as weather is concerned. We are having gorgeous weather here in Georgia. I walked to my car this morning and it was cool and the sun was shining:) Comfortable weather is what I like to call it. Chad and I are taking are engagement pictures next Friday and I am hoping it looks like it does today outside.

On another note, I am such a kid when it comes to Holidays and I almost feel sorry for my children because I enjoy them so much. All of my favorite ones are in the Fall; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my all time favorite Christmas. So many traditions to look forward to:) White Christmas comes to the Fox every year and we went last year. I'd love to do it every year with the women of the family. I love to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. This year atleast once I want to go shopping up in Atlanta at Atlantic Station with my sister. I have been thinking alot about Christmas this year. Technically, this is my last Christmas waking up at home in my bed with my family. It's bittersweet, I'm so excited about starting my life with Chad but will miss things like; Being the first one at my house to wake up on Christmas, running into my sister's room and jump on the bed to get her to wake up. Yes, that I will miss so much.

I'm hoping this year I can get her to sit down and watch my favorite Christmas movies with me:

  • White Christmas

  • Miracle on 34'th Street

  • The Family Stone

  • Christmas in Connecticut

  • You've got Mail

  • It's a wonderful Life

  • And so many others...

I love movies...

Right now I am reading the Twilight Series. Currently on the third book, Eclipse. AMAZING is all I can say:) This book is hands down one of the best books I have ever read:) You should read it too so you can be in love with Edward like I am...

Have a great weekend!!

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The Bedford Family said...

Enjoy your last Christmas with your family b/c you're right once you get married it is very different to wake up on Christmas morning! But know that it's a good different and next year you can start you're own traditions that will be special to you and Chad!