Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time to Share

I read a wonderful blog entry this morning from Tim Blair from Australia today that had me giggling...I personally will not be voting for Obama, I'm wishing that Hilary was getting the nomination. Anyhow, I will share this;
I'm interested to see who McCain has chosen for a running mate. I personally hope that it's Mitt Romney. I think that would be a very effective combination. I guess we will see. Some predicting he will announce it today to steal the thunder from Obama's speech this evening. If he does do it today, yes it will get attention during the day but I think by the evening it will die down and then those interested will turn their attention to the speech this evening. Of course, the media will announce and do their thing to suffice the public but we all know the media is slighted. As a news anchor, if you are doing your job correctly, the public should not be able to tell which way you are leaning. I love GMA, however this week, I have been extremely frustrated. Both parties deserve equal coverage and I hope they will do that next week. We'll see...
and that's my rant for the day. Usually I try to not get involved in politics because it just seems like a circle and lacking any unity. I keep up with what's going on and will give an opinion every now and then. So I guess today is my every now and then:)
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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