Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me??? With a degree!!!

On Thursday afternoon at 4:00 I will walk across the stage and receive my degree from the Dean. This whole week I have been doing a lot of self evaluating. It's such a big step. Aside from the sense of accomplishment I will feel there is a little bit of fear mixed in because it is such a huge step in my life. I honestly can't wait til Thursday because it will be official. I've been done since last Wednesday however I will really be done on Thursday.
On another note Chad and I officially have a real estate agent which makes the fact the we will be homeowners sometime in the next four months more real than ever:) Every house that we have gone to so far I have tried to invision our families there for the holidays, what the kids will look like playing in the yard, how I can decorate the living room, and what the master bathroom looks like. Chad however is worried about the yard and the garage; "The Man Stuff." It amazes me how differently men and women think. Absolutely amazing:) I will keep everyone posted on our Home Hunt. Clever huh?
Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the Christmas Season to the fullest!!

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